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Curious Case of Nilakantha Goreh

There is a sense that Hindu pundits were not bothered about the mass conversions that Christianity brought to India. It was, however, not that Hindu pundits were sitting quiet as Christian evangelists were on a rampage. In their efforts to engage Hindus at a philosophical level, Christian evangelists tried to prove Christian religion as a superior religion. […]

Modi and Integral Humanism

There have been many commentaries on Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya’s Integral Humanism for a long time now. In fact there is a complete website dedicated to criticizing Integral Humanism point by point. Most of these commentaries can be summarized in one or two lines – “Integral Humanism is a confused man’s invention which is neither a […]

त्रिपुरान्तकाय नमः शिवाय

tripurAntakAya namah sivAya || In vedic tradition, rudra praSna is probably the most important point of culmination of physically observable and unobservable aspects of mahAdeva. Some vedic scholars believe that rudra prashna might have been a result of observing tripurAsura samhAra. In the story, as mahAdeva starts his journey to battle tripurAsuras, devatAgaNa makes a […]

Sri Garikipati Avadhanam

On 15 Dec 2013, in J P Nagar Sri Garikipati Avadhanam was conducted. Sri Garikipati is a well known Sahasra Avadhani in AP. Avadhanam itself is a great art. This was his 286th Avadhanam. He did 6 Sata Avadhanam, 2 Dvi Sata Avadhanam, 1 Sahasra Avadhanam. Here are some of Sri Garikipati’s poems. These were […]

CRI’s hit job at Kanchi Peetham – what to learn from it?

CRI did a hit job at Kanchi Peetham under the disguise of calling the infamous case against Sri Jayendra Saraswati as flawed. That the case is flawed is a well known fact even before CRI woke up to the reality. One of the best arguments on the fraudulent nature of the case is presented by […]

Should Government be allowed to take Temple Gold?

This post was published on CRI as The State And The Temple Gold – A Look At The Past In Palakollu, a small village in West Godavari district, a curious inscription was found several years ago. The ASI in its 1969-70 Review journal published the details of the epigraph [Page number 53 in ASI Review […]

Bhagyalakshmi Temple – Facts Revealed

This was first published on CRI and cross-posted on Jijnasa Blog. Recent controversy surrounding Charminar and the abutting Bhagyalakshmi Temple has been a talking point among the AP media circles for some time now. Media concentrated on whether or not the government of AP will fall after MIM took High Court judgement ruling in favour […]