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Analysis – the AP Special Category Status Controversy

There is no point in reviewing the developments surrounding AP special category status issue. The matter has been debated vociferously in public life, on television channels and online groups for the last two years. There are several opinions floating around, without taking all the facts into consideration, so that the opinion seems valid and the grouse legit. […]

Modi @ 1 – a departure from rights based policy making

Modi @ 1, Modi 365 have been the dominant trends in the past week. Every media house was up in the arms to grab the attention of its audience through sound bytes from ministers, leaders of the ruling and opposition parties. Major focus of all these interviews and debates has been “have acche din arrived?” as if […]

Targeted Discrimination in Telangana

With the creation of a separate Telangana state, there were a lot of celebrations in the newly formed state. The people of the newly formed state have lot of hopes and the new government has a lot of work to do. Despite the necessity to concentrate on the road ahead, Telangana government seems to be more […]

Modi’s Tirupati speech….

…is more than great news for Andhra Pradesh. If what he promises materializes, it would be a great opportunity for Electronics Engineers across the country. In his poll campaign trail, yesterday Modi gave a fillip to the aspiring electronics engineers in India by talking, for the first time ever*, of creating a hardware hub in India. […]

Modi and Integral Humanism

There have been many commentaries on Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya’s Integral Humanism for a long time now. In fact there is a complete website dedicated to criticizing Integral Humanism point by point. Most of these commentaries can be summarized in one or two lines – “Integral Humanism is a confused man’s invention which is neither a […]

What We Should Learn From Andhra Pradesh State Re-organization

What transpired in the last session of parliament during UPA2.0 is a grim reminder of the fact that our democracy is yet to even move from its teenage despite it being 50 years old. It would not be unfair to call the events that happened in last few days of the last session as a […]

Sri Garikipati Avadhanam

On 15 Dec 2013, in J P Nagar Sri Garikipati Avadhanam was conducted. Sri Garikipati is a well known Sahasra Avadhani in AP. Avadhanam itself is a great art. This was his 286th Avadhanam. He did 6 Sata Avadhanam, 2 Dvi Sata Avadhanam, 1 Sahasra Avadhanam. Here are some of Sri Garikipati’s poems. These were […]