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There is no point in reviewing the developments surrounding AP special category status issue. The matter has been debated vociferously in public life, on television channels and online groups for the last two years. There are several opinions floating around, without taking all the facts into consideration, so that the opinion seems valid and the grouse legit. […]

There is a sense that Hindu pundits were not bothered about the mass conversions that Christianity brought to India. It was, however, not that Hindu pundits were sitting quiet as Christian evangelists were on a rampage. In their efforts to engage Hindus at a philosophical level, Christian evangelists tried to prove Christian religion as a superior religion. […]

Telangana government has been facing a host of issues, more prominently in the past several months. To list a few – teachers’ protests, lawyers’ and judges’ protests, protests for new districts, Mallannasagar protests etc. These are quite recent issues and it could be argued that these are simply political issues upon which one should expect protests. But with a closer look […]

Reality Check Indian, a much respected blogger and one of the smartest minds on social media arguing the case for better India, proposed to build a core right agenda to secure the future course of the political, policy and socio-economic direction for India. In a sneak peek into such an agenda, which is under development, 6 […]

An edited version of this essay was published in Aseema Magazine’s June 2015 edition. One of the side effects of studying Indian history based on this European historical narrative is that stories of extra-ordinary bonhomie, especially nurtured purely because of intellectuals in the respective regions, get little or no attention. One such story, from the Telugu speaking region […]

Modi @ 1, Modi 365 have been the dominant trends in the past week. Every media house was up in the arms to grab the attention of its audience through sound bytes from ministers, leaders of the ruling and opposition parties. Major focus of all these interviews and debates has been “have acche din arrived?” as if […]