Let me identify myself with pravara namaskaram:

प्रवरान्वित नमस्कारः ॥ चतुस्सागर पर्यन्तं ब्राह्मणेभ्यः शुभं भवतु आन्गीरस बार्हस्पत्य भारद्वाजस त्रयाऋषेय प्रवरान्वितः भारद्वाजस गोत्रः आपस्तम्बसूत्रः यजुस्शखाध्यायि केशव विवेकानन्द शर्मा अहं भो अभिवादये ॥

To explain a little more:

वृत्तिना अहं सामि प्रवाहक  साधन यन्त्रकारः | मम मुख्य सामर्थ्यः परिकल्पन |

I am a Hindu Indian. Sounds redundant, no? I belong to the Bhardvaja Gothra. I am descendant of Angeerasa, Brihaspati and Bharadvaja rishis. I belong to Yajur veda sakha and I am known by the name Kesava Vivekananda Sarma. My family name is Jonnavithula.

By profession, I am a Semi Conductor Device Engineer. My main faculty is in design.

My main interest is in Mathematics, Computers, Semiconductor devices and Electronics in general.

Outside my work, I try to read as much as I can on Indian Politics. I support economic right with bedrock of Hindu philosophical teachings. I also try to learn as much as I can about Hindu philosophies and knowledge embedded in Hindu Scriptures.



  1. Venkata Ramamurthy · · Reply

    Hi Kesava,

    I am very impressed with your introduction.
    Myself ‘Haritha’ sa gortham, will try to follow your blog.
    I do have lot of ideas, look forward to discuss with you and like minded people.


    1. Thanks for the kind words and welcome to this blog. Looking forward to interact with you on various topics.

  2. syamukamath · · Reply

    Hello sir i came in accidentally when googling Panjal athirathram.:-)
    nice blog, am following.

    1. Thanks and welcome to this blog. Looking fwd to interact with you.

  3. సూర్య. · · Reply

    Nice blog sirr…

    1. Thank you sir.

  4. Jonnavittula stalin · · Reply

    Sir i am impressed with your intrest in religious and political issues .i would like to follow your blog.following learned person like you will help in expanding knowledge. Stalinjonnavittula

    1. thank you sir.

  5. I really enjoy reading this blog. its very informative and also represents views of a learned Dharmic hindu.

  6. Stalinjonnavittula · · Reply

    Sir What is your opinion on ongoing demonitization

    1. Sir,

      I think this is a brilliant move which will keep India’s economy clean for the next 3-4 years. There is a lot of ground work that seems to be happening for something even big in 2017.

      In all the articles and speeches I have read about the whole exercise, I think Gurumurthy ji has been the most comprehensive and portrayed the big picture. Please watch his speech at Sastra university here:

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