Sri Garikipati Avadhanam

On 15 Dec 2013, in J P Nagar Sri Garikipati Avadhanam was conducted. Sri Garikipati is a well known Sahasra Avadhani in AP. Avadhanam itself is a great art. This was his 286th Avadhanam. He did 6 Sata Avadhanam, 2 Dvi Sata Avadhanam, 1 Sahasra Avadhanam.

Here are some of Sri Garikipati’s poems. These were his responses to Nishiddhkashari, Dattapadi, Samasya and Varnana.

Nishiddhakshari problem:

“Assuming laywers and coterie of Sonia Gandhi tell her that Telangana is not possible, explain Sonia Gandhi’s reaction in a poem”

In Nishiddhkashari, prucchaka Sri Nageshwara Sastri blocked several letters as Sri Garikipati started framing each word letter by letter. At the end following poem was arrived at as the solution of the problem:

మా వాడు రాజుగాడా
శ్రీవారున్ లేరునన్జూడన్
రావాతల్లీ దిక్కికనీవే
కావన్ ప్రియాంక నీరజ నేత్రా

Meaning (loosely) – “Won’t my son be a king? I don’t have a husband too to take care of this, won’t people laugh at me? Won’t you come Priyanka, (talli means mother is rhetorical usage in most indian languages) the one with lotus eyes”.

Dattapadi problem:

“Use nikkaru (shorts – english), kukkaru (cooker – english), likkaru (liquor – english), chakkaru (hindi colloquial for wandering) in a poem to describe a scene from Mahabharata”

Prucchaka Sri Srikantha Rao’s problem constituted words that are not from Telugu but from other languages which entered colloquial Telugu. Avadhani Sri Garikipati solved it with the following poem with the Yaksha Prasna from Mahabharata as theme:

ఇక్క మ్రుతస్థలమ్బుతగనిక్కరుణాకర బుద్ధి దీప్తి
తానేక్కడ దాచెనొక్కో వగలిక్కరులై ముడిజుట్టు ప్రశ్నముల్
కుక్కరు చిక్కరన్న పలుకుల్ వడిదేర్చె యుధిస్ఠిరుఁడు
ఇంచక్క రుజావిముక్తులై స్వర్గకుమారులు లేచిరయ్యడన్

Meaning (loosely) – “Where there were corpses, with his brilliant resplendent mind, Yudhistira answered difficult questions with his fit and unfound wit and then his brothers (swargakumarulu) woke up like those who were relieved from sickness”

This is a brilliant poem and puts Yaksha Prashna episode in excellent perspective. After avadhanam, prucchaka explained that the poem he had in his mind was Kichaka Vadha in Virata Parvam.

Samasya puranam problem:

“Frame a poem with one of the lines as – ‘లలల లలనా లారా లావా లలానకలాడలా'”.

For the problem framed by prucchaka Sri R Ganesh, Sri Garikipati framed the following poem:

కలల కలలా కాలాఁకాలా కరాళ కలాపమా
జ్వలల లతలా జ్వాలా భీలా జయాఁజయా లీలలా
ఫలరసములా ఫాలజ్వాలా పదార్ధమయోమయం
లలల లలనా లారా లావా లలానకలాడలా

Meaning (loosely) – Sri Garikipati took to vedanta to frame this poem. “Oh bhagavan! This world (padardham) is difficult to comprehend (ayomayam). Is it a dream in a dream (kalala kalalaa)? Is it timely or untimely? Is it a dreadful zone? You are the fire lighting up this world, so is this world lighting up (in samsara)? Is it a leela (play) between you and your consort (reference to jaya and ajaya between shakti and shiva)? Is it like juices of fruits? Is it like fire from your third eye?”

Prucchaka Sri R Ganesh took the samasya from tikkana’s mahabharatam. In Tikkana’s version, he used a “la” kaara cipher. Removing all “la” kaaras from the line you get “lalanaa, raavaa naa kada”. Sri Garikipati took it to Vedanta and solved the problem in a very different way.

Varnana problem:

“Frame a poem to describe the struggle we go through deciding between hitamu and priyamu i.e., dharma vs kama”.

For Varnana (or varnam) problem framed by prucchaka Sri Hari Pavan Kumar, Sri Garikipati framed the following poem:

పర సతి వానికిష్టము వివాదము అధర్మము కాని మానేనే
పర విభవమ్మనిష్టము స్వభావము దైవము మార్పజాలేనే
సరసులు మీరు దీని వరుసన్ గమనింపుడు లోకమందు నె
ట్టి రణముకల్గేని ఒకటే హితమున్ ప్రియమున్ పెనంగుటే

Meaning (loosely) – “One man (Ravana) liked para stree despite it being wrong, adharma. Could any one change him? One man (duryodhana) liked to trouble others. Could even god (Krishna) change him? You are debonairs, notice this trait in this world that the cause of all wars is the struggle between hitamu (dharma) and priyamu (kama)”.

Disclaimer: I take full responsibility of above transcription and meanings. Any mistakes are regretted and I am ready to change them if other rasagnas care to point out. Sri Garikipati or the organizers are not responsible for any such errors.


Organizers uploaded the whole session online. Heres the video:




  1. Brilliant Sir.. Thnx for the share..

  2. Eswar Deepak · · Reply

    Very commendable. Thanks a ton for sharing Sir!

  3. purushotham ilapakurthi · · Reply

    Great avadhanam by garikipati narasimha rao garu and very thankfull to you for share this video.

  4. K Sivarama Krishna, Hanumanpet, Vijayawda · · Reply

    It is our luck to be the contemporary to Great Garikapati Narasimh Rao garu and see the avadhanam.

  5. challa babi · · Reply

    Plzz post recent avadhanalu link here ..i mean im 2017 and 2016

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