It was in 1927 that an American writer – Katherine Mayo – wrote a book called “Mother India”. The book took the India intelligence already entrenched in a protracted struggle for independence by storm. The book which was less about India and more about defaming India was probably the first attempt by a celebrated US writer at portraying […]

Infinity as a number has always been a point of great commotion for mathematicians throughout the history. The Romans didn’t have a symbol of zero in their arithmetic. Whether they avoided zero to avoid division by zero is a matter for a different post. In this post, however, we will take a look at bhAskarAchArya‘s vision […]

A small intermediate college in AP received an RTI application. The request for information posed a total of 7 questions. The original RTI is in Telugu. A translation of the questions is as follows. Let me know the directive principles of Constitution of India. In these principles, under 51A(h), let me know what activities have been performed by […]

With the creation of a separate Telangana state, there were a lot of celebrations in the newly formed state. The people of the newly formed state have lot of hopes and the new government has a lot of work to do. Despite the necessity to concentrate on the road ahead, Telangana government seems to be more […]

…is more than great news for Andhra Pradesh. If what he promises materializes, it would be a great opportunity for Electronics Engineers across the country. In his poll campaign trail, yesterday Modi gave a fillip to the aspiring electronics engineers in India by talking, for the first time ever*, of creating a hardware hub in India. […]

It is sad that despite Carl Sagan’s interest in Hindu point of view of the cosmos, Neil deGrasse stuck to Western world view of Cosmos as the yard stick in the new series Cosmos: A spacetime Oddessy. Neil deGrasse Tyson said in the first episode – “it was not until 500 years ago that we […]

…. y^3 = x^3 + 8x^2 – 6x + 8 for positive integers x and y. There are many ways to approach this problem. One of the ways is to assume y = x + a, for all a belongs to z The problem can then be reduced to a quadratic expression in x. The […]