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Kakati Ganapatideva, Tikkana and a Coup – Lessons for Political Leadership of AP and Telangana

An edited version of this essay was published in Aseema Magazine’s June 2015 edition. One of the side effects of studying Indian history based on this European historical narrative is that stories of extra-ordinary bonhomie, especially nurtured purely because of intellectuals in the respective regions, get little or no attention. One such story, from the Telugu speaking region […]

Should Government be allowed to take Temple Gold?

This post was published on CRI as The State And The Temple Gold – A Look At The Past In Palakollu, a small village in West Godavari district, a curious inscription was found several years ago. The ASI in its 1969-70 Review journal published the details of the epigraph [Page number 53 in ASI Review […]

Intellectuals in Thanjavur Mahratta Kingdom – the effect of Vijayanagara Kingdom

Swami Vidyaranya is a venerable figure India’s history. He saw right through the politics of Muslim invaders after eunuch Malik Kafur’s brutal invasion of the South India. 2 years later, after Malik Kaffur left for Delhi, Southern lndian Subcontinent was left with deep scars and a burning desire among Hindu kings to revolt and take back […]

An orthogonal view of Bammera Pothana’s work

Conversations, especially those about political and spiritual subtleties among people, with my father have been most intriguing sources of orthogonal perspective. I never avoid any such conversation with my father owing to inimical notions prevalent today. One such conversation I recently had was about Bammera Pothana and political importance of his work. This post is […]