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Prove that…

  Brain teaser. — K V Sarma J (@KVSarmaJ) August 23, 2016 It is quite a straightforward problem to solve. Heres the solution The same problem in a different approach, later!   Advertisements

bhAskarAchArya’s vision of infinity in arithmetic

Infinity as a number has always been a point of great commotion for mathematicians throughout the history. The Romans didn’t have a symbol of zero in their arithmetic. Whether they avoided zero to avoid division by zero is a matter for a different post. In this post, however, we will take a look at bhAskarAchArya‘s vision […]

Solve …

…. y^3 = x^3 + 8x^2 – 6x + 8 for positive integers x and y. There are many ways to approach this problem. One of the ways is to assume y = x + a, for all a belongs to z The problem can then be reduced to a quadratic expression in x. The […]

InScript Keyboard and Unicode for Sanskrit : A Review

Any Hindu who has been an enthusiastic student of Hindu texts would find it most annoying to work with QWERTY keyboards. In fact, one finds it amazingly stupid that Unicode for Hindu languages is so convoluted to use. Result: We end up using English Alphabet for writing on computer in Hindu languages. Note: The use […]

Justice Katju, for your kind attention…

This was published on CRI. It so happens that Justice Markandey Katju is very much interested in Science, History apart from of course law. This we know by his own admission. In today’s op-ed in The Hindu, Justice Katju laments about the horrible state of Indian education system. We definitely share his sorrow. We too […]

Academic Insitutions and Government Civil Services Projects

This post was first published on CRI. More often than not, academic institutions in India end up doing a hi-fi project with little RoI and general public use. Little has been done to change the situation. Students work hard to reach the universities and institutes only to find a good job. This has been the […]

Solution to eye-to-eye problem posted on Futility Closet

Futility Closet posted a Mathematical observation in Circles and Straightlines named “eye-to-eye” on May 1st, 2011. I wanted to prove this observation. Due to some busy schedule and travel I couldnt do this. When I met my father a week ago, I discussed the problem with him and today, found some time to close this. […]