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Are Bureaucratic Flaws Plaguing Telangana Government?

Telangana government has been facing a host of issues, more prominently in the past several months. To list a few – teachers’ protests, lawyers’ and judges’ protests, protests for new districts, Mallannasagar protests etc. These are quite recent issues and it could be argued that these are simply political issues upon which one should expect protests. But with a closer look […]

Analysis of Core Right Agenda

Reality Check Indian, a much respected blogger and one of the smartest minds on social media arguing the case for better India, proposed to build a core right agenda to secure the future course of the political, policy and socio-economic direction for India. In a sneak peek into such an agenda, which is under development, 6 […]

Sibal’s brand new JEE scheme

One of the questions in Paper II of JEE Mains examination is as follows: An irrelevant question you say? I agree. This question is not only irrelevant, but also ambiguous. The ambiguity of this questions starts with the point about faith. If we pose this question to Sibal, he would answer this question as 2. […]

InScript Keyboard and Unicode for Sanskrit : A Review

Any Hindu who has been an enthusiastic student of Hindu texts would find it most annoying to work with QWERTY keyboards. In fact, one finds it amazingly stupid that Unicode for Hindu languages is so convoluted to use. Result: We end up using English Alphabet for writing on computer in Hindu languages. Note: The use […]

Justice Katju, for your kind attention…

This was published on CRI. It so happens that Justice Markandey Katju is very much interested in Science, History apart from of course law. This we know by his own admission. In today’s op-ed in The Hindu, Justice Katju laments about the horrible state of Indian education system. We definitely share his sorrow. We too […]

Celebrate Sarvepalli, not Teacher’s day

I remember when I was a 15 year old, we were the out-going i.e., class Tenth students of the school and we decided to celebrate Teacher’s day in a big way. We felicitated our teachers, organized cultural events. I was proud to be the part of the organizing team. When I told my father, he […]

Academia’s failure to contribute to the reforms process

This post was first published on CRI. Let us start with a question – “Name one device that you use in your daily life, be it electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical etc., that has been designed by an Academic institution in India and has been taken to mass markets thereafter”. Keep thinking. It is hard to […]