When people are allowed do business with each other freely….

A beautiful ad from Axis Bank has been playing these days on TV. It looks like the best possible way to depict how it would look when people do business with each other. Watch.

When Venkat gets his bonus in Tamil Nadu, his wife Lakshmi asks for a trip to Himachal. They buy new clothes from Ahmad for their trip to Himachal . Ahmad orders for more apparel from manufacturer Kapoor. Kapoor needs more people, so he hires Priti. Priti moves into a new home with her mother Sheethal. Sheethal buys a carpet from Vinod for the new house. Vinod sends the money to his hometown for Chotu’s school fee.

If the same characters were to be in a world of entitlements and Government jobs, the same world that India was a part of 50 years ago, what would it look like.

Venkat works in a Government office and doesn’t get much of a bonus in his career. He cannot spend for a trip to a far off state like Himachal from his town in Tamil Nadu. So he and his wife Lakshmi don’t need new clothes so often. Ahmad has lot to sell but he cannot because people buy only what they really need. He tells Kapoor to cut down supply to sustain business. Kapoor lays off people as he doesn’t need to manufacture much. Priti doesnt get a job and depends on her mother Sheetal. Sheetal doesnt buy anything from Vinod. Vinod cannot send money back to Himachal for Chotu’s school fee. Chotu ends up in Government school where there is hardly any chance for teachers to teach due to lack of infrastructure. Chotu grows up to be far less productive than he could have been.

Look at what UPA did in the past 8 years. Isnt it exactly what happened? This is probably one very important reason why “it is necessary to allow people to do business with each other freely”.


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