Geographical details of some Shiva Kshetras

In a discussion on Surya Bhagavan and Sun temples in India, some very interesting details came out. Along with people on twitter, Anurag Sanghi and other friends, we ascertained that some of the ancient Sun temples were constructed close to Tropic of Cancer. Although, the distance from ToC to each of these places were in the order of a few hundreds of Kilometers, it is definitely an interesting feature that all these temples are close to ToC, as if somebody told the ancient Hindus to construct them there! Thanks to Anuraag Sanghi for documenting this.

Recently, Changanti Koteswara Rao in a lecture series, telecast on Maa TV, on the topic of importance of Srisailam, said that Srisailam is seen as an important Shiva Kshetra and is visited by devotees on pilgrimage as a part of Kashi-Rameswaram yatra. This got me interested. I initially took Kedar-Srisailam-Rameswaram as the trio. I obviously mis-heard. My wife corrected me and told me what he actually said. Later on twitter also some gentlemen corrected me about the pilgrimage from Kashi to Rameswaram.

However, my initial mis-reading revealed some very very interesting data. Details as follows:

Rameswaram Co-ordinates: 9° 16′ 48″ N, 79° 18′ 0″ E
Srisailam Co-ordinates: 16° 4′ 26.4″ N, 78° 52′ 4.8″ E
Kedarnath Co-ordinates: 30° 43′ 48″ N, 79° 4′ 12″ E

These are co-ordinates of these important Shiva Kshetra. Yes, all three of them are part of Jyotirlingas. However, not all Jyotirlingas are like this.

After as few days, via Facebook, I came across this piece which claims that all Panchabhoota Sthalams – 5 Shiva Kshetras seen as representation of Pancha Bhootas – Jala, Vayu, Agni, Akasha, Bhumi – are on the same Longitude. Again 79 degrees East. I went on to search and find out myself. Data follows:

Thiruannamalai Co-ordinates: 12° 13′ 53.76″ N, 79° 4′ 1.92″ E
Jambukeshwarar Co-ordinates: 11° 23′ 24″ N, 79° 41′ 24″ E
Nataraja Co-ordinates: 11° 23′ 58″ N, 79° 41′ 36″ E
Kanchipuram Co-ordinates: 12° 49′ 12″ N, 79° 42′ 36″ E
Sri Kalahasti Co-ordinates: 13° 46′ 0″ N, 79° 42′ 0″ E

Therefore, we now know at least 8 Shiva Kshetras which are on 79 degrees East Longitude.

Rameswaram Co-ordinates: 9° 16′ 48″ N           79° 18′ 0″      E
Srisailam Co-ordinates: 16°   4′ 26.4″ N           78° 52′ 4.8″   E
Kedarnath Co-ordinates: 30° 43′ 48″ N           79°   4′ 12″    E
Thiruannamalai Co-ordinates: 12° 13′ 53.76″ N           79°   4′ 1.92″ E
Jambukeshwarar Co-ordinates: 11° 23′ 24″ N           79° 41′ 24″    E
Nataraja Co-ordinates: 11° 23′ 58″ N           79° 41′ 36″    E
Kanchipuram Co-ordinates: 12° 49′ 12″ N           79° 42′ 36″    E
Sri Kalahasti Co-ordinates: 13° 46′ 0″ N           79° 42′ 0″      E

Some elderly relative once told me that mapping all important (swayambhu) Shiva Kshetras would yield a Nataraja on the map. It seems his elders told him about it. I am yet to get all these details and plot on a map. But it would definitely be an interesting project.

To call these geographical details as mere co-incidences would be an example of Laziness. There are enough texts about each of these Kshetras. Is there any reasoning behind this that traditional learning proposes? Do any texts mention these geographical details? Several such questions are to be answered first.

An interesting question that comes up from these details:

Should India request international community to change its designated Longitude from 82.5 degrees East to 79 degrees East?

Of course no. How can it be so? It is not secular right!

PS: This is a work in progress. More blog posts will come up on this matter i.e., geographical details of Hindu temples. This data can be used by interested people to create hypothesis on several historical details like Hindu temples that could have existed in the past plundered by invaders, religious rituals that existed in the past etc.



  1. amazing facts .long live hinduism

    amazing,long live hinduism

  2. Ramesh Menon · · Reply

    Amazing to know these exciting facts. Proud to be Indian

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