iRant – 1 – Whither the Dharma

iRant. Everybody does. If you know me in person or if you follow me on twitter, you would know that I do rant a lot. This series of posts will be rants. Dont expect logic. Expect a demand for conformity. Worse still, expect an unconditional and blind conformity.

I may be called “a racist brahmin” for the following statement.

Now a days, I see that an increasing number of people, especially brahmins suggest others to “enjoy life” by going on vacations, buying “stuff” just for the itch of it, touring around because it is cool, take up costly hobbies like photography with high end professional cameras, living a grandiose life etc. I see this, sorry to say, increasingly with Niyogi brahmins than other sects.

This observation is not based on statistical data or on any survey. It is just my observation, with all my biases, all my presumptions. If you have already assumed that I am “casteist brahmin”, I dont blame you for assuming that. We are living in strange times. The point I raised will be lost in the assertions on “especially brahmins”, “especially niyogi brahmins”, which might have already taken hold of the counter argument you might be framing in your mind. Such is the way we are trained to think in this country. There are some other fundoos who take the point toward “how do you say that niyogi brahmins are suggesting so?”, despite a clear statement calling it my own observation, with my own biases and my own presumptions. Anyway, we digress.

The problem with such a suggestion from elders (in some cases, even parents) is that this is incongruous with our ancient teachings. Of course, Hindu philosophical teachings dont tell us “not to enjoy life” but the bedrock of Hindu philosophical teachings is in “being in the side of Dharma”, whatever the activity is. The most astonishing feature in Hindu Culture is how all activities, small and big, daily and occasional, personal and societal, are all tied, or probably entangled, with Dharma. But then who cares, right?

Hindu community has come down from spiritual highs to unimaginable lows or so iRant.



  1. I too rant. For the same reasons. More so after marriage πŸ™‚ Even more so after making a habit of reading Gita daily ! But “silence is the solution” is the advice by my guru πŸ™‚ But still not able to be.. Just trying..!

    1. Hahaaa …. andariki ide problem anamata …. or may be kontamandiki ilanti problems untai anamata πŸ™‚ … em chestam … khandistam πŸ˜€

      1. Andhariki kaadu. Konthamandi ke –Those who feel and believe life is for spiritual awakening by all means.. not just for sense gratification..

      2. Hhaaaa….true true.

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