Dear Bangladesh….

….honor my country because it was India, not Indira, that helped you.

Bangladesh decided to honor Indira Gandhi for Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Initially, I thought that they would cite her efforts to bring international attention to the strife and atrocities in Bangladesh as Prime Minister of India. However, it seems to Bangladesh, Indira, not India mattered. That kind of explains a lot of things, if you know what I mean. This Hindu report reproduced citation that Sonia Gandhi received yesterday:

The award included a 200-tola gold medal and a citation which read: “Ms. Indira Gandhi stood by the side of the people of Bangladesh from the beginning of the Liberation War despite various adversities. She provided shelter to about one crore Bangladeshi refugees. She provided courage in the Liberation War by facing different diplomatic hurdles. She played a great role in freeing Bangabandhu from Pakistani jail. Her contribution to Bangladesh’s Liberation War will be remembered forever.”

No dear Bangabandhu, you got it entirely wrong. India stood by your side. India gave shelter and courage to your people and soldiers. India, is not Indira. Indira was doing what was in India’s interest. It is a pity that you couldnt even mention that Indira was doing it as Prime Minister of India.

Bharat Indira ke Baap kaa jaagir nahi ki woh jo chahe kare. And this was felt quite well by her and her supporters during 1975. By all means, celebrate success of 1971 war and friendship, both cultural and national, with Bangladesh. Bangladhesh may have been overwhelmed with happiness due to Indira Gandhi’s effort but why didnt Sonia Gandhi find it fit to mention that it was India, not Indira that deserved honor.

Well, expecting that from foreign born loot-maar gang is too much I guess. As for the rest, confusion on “statehood” prevails. And they say just belonging to a Gandhi family is a God given gift. What a pity!


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