Carnatic Recommendation – 6

Annamacharya is probably one the most prominent of Carnatic Composers pre trinity. His association with Tiruapati-Tirumala is very long. This week’s Carnatic Recommendation is “Chalada Harinama Soukhyamrutham”. A brief on Annamacharya from Wiki:

Annamacharya was born on Vaisakha Suddha Pournami in the year Sarwadhari (May 9, 1408) in Tallapaka, a village in current day Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, India.[5] His wife, Thimmakka,[6] had written Subhadra Kalyanam, and is considered the first female poet in Telugu literature. Their son, Pedda Tirumalacharya, and grandson, Tallapaka Chinnayya, were also composers and poets. The Tallapaka compositions are considered to have dominated and influenced the structure of Carnatic music compositions.[2] Annamacharya lived for 94 years until Phalguna Bahula Dwadasi (12th day after full moon) in the year Dhundhubhi (February 23, 1503).[Taken from wikipedia]

Annamayya was from Vishishtadvaita tradition and wrote mostly about Sri Varu of Tirupati. He is known to have written as many as 32000 compositions. He was a contemporary of Purandara dasa and is said to have met him when both of them sang together in praise of Sri Hari. It would be good to find compositions they did together. Even otherwise, it proves that Carnatic was a binding force during that time especially because of composers like Purandara Dasa who traveled widely.

Now to the keerthana “chalada harinama soukhyamrutham”

Listen to this brilliant rendition by Nithya Santhoshini

chalada harinama soukhyamrutamu tamaku


isnt comfort of amrutha of hari’s name enough for you

Also listen to this brilliant rendition by Priya Sisters

My fav line:

tagu venkatesu keerthanamokati chalada


isnt one keerthana of Venkateswara enough?

Sriman Narayan!


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