Honey! We amended the constitution, again!

108 is a very important number in Hindu culture. Multiple reasons are attributed to it. But for Constitution of India – it being secular socialist blah-blah-ist, the number 108 can now be regarded as an insult of a new kind. This abuse shall be called Gender based abuse. The 108th amendment of the holy book of disasters and dis-integrations ensures another ace in the hole for Democratic India. It ensures 33 percent reservation for women in legislative. Rajya sabha passed it. It is only matter of time for Lok Sabha to pass it.

Unfortunately, a party like BJP which has always shown some sense in policy making also gave in to the so called “women empowerment through reservation”. There were funnier comments during the debate on the amendment like “PM post should be rotated with a woman candidate”.

And then all the female representatives of people of the country said “Honey, we amended the constitution, again!”

Please dont be surprised if there is an upcoming “amendment to the amendment” assuring women from different castes and religions have their “fair” share. This will be the next move by congress. They will not let anyone else have even a byte of the sweet candy of vote bank. They did it before. They will do it again. Identify, segregate, divide and demolish and then say “they did it!”

All hail the holy mother India. We respect women by letting them take 33 percent of the legislative and we still dare to call it democracy. Democracy should now be called “Demo-Crazy!” because first we say you have right to choose your leader, and then we say “there shall be some reserved seats for SC/STs and also women”. Like the single commandment which remains years after animals take over the animal farm in George Orwell’s Animal Farm – “All animals are equal but feminine animals are more equal than masculine animals!”.

I would like to clarify that I respect women. But providing reservations is not the correct way to empower women. My next post shall be on this point.

Image courtsey:The Hindu


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