14000 demons, 72 minutes, one man!

No this is not a blog-ad for an upcoming Hollywood action movie or ready to release Tollywood super star movie. These are the statistics from Ramayana.

In Aranya Kanda, Rama faces Khara and Dhushana and their Army of 14000 guise changing demons. The war is the result of Surphanaka’s provocation of Khara and Dhushana to war with Rama. Rama orders Lakshmana to take Sita to safe, far off place and guard her while he wars with the demons. Maharshi Valmiki explains in this Shloka.

artha adhika muhuurtena raameNa nishitaiH sharaiH 3-30-30
catur dasha sahasraaNi rakshsaam kaama ruupiNaam
khara duuSaNa mukhyaanaam nihataani mahaamR^idhe 3-30-31


And those gods and other celestials in their amazement said among themselves that ‘in one and half hours, say seventy two minutes of this extreme crack-down Rama with his sharp arrows has eradicated fourteen thousand guise changing demons, including their chieftains Khara and Duushana. [3-30-30b, 31]

One Rama, 14000 guise changing demons, one hour 12 minutes!

Do your math….the numbers are not surprising but they certainly provoke amazement!

Rama who is budhimaan, jithkrodho, poorvabhasi, madhura bhashi, the one who respects everything and everyone dharmic kills 194.4444 demons in one minute i.e., 3.2407 demons in one second!

I keep bumping into people (even brahmins) who feel it fancy to say all these are just creations of the respective authors but might have never happened! As an example, they cite various verses questioning the numbers. “Would a normal human being have such capabilities?” they ask. One counter-argument against this goes like “couldnt it be that our ancestors had such capabilities?”. This counter-argument is not convincing.

However, the shloka mentioned above is a very good example in such counter argument because unlike stories of legends such a Beowulf, all numbers and timing look very very real! 3.24 demons in a second is not very difficult to comprehend because the distribution curve of number of demons killed in those 72 minutes by Rama certainly cant be a uniform curve. Rama takes some time to kill Khara, Dushana and other valiant warriors while others in the army were killed by Rama in packs but not individually. So, a mean of 3.24 per second is not so diffucult to achieve.



  1. Ram is extremely skilled archer.

    It is absolutely not difficult to kill 14000 demons for a man who can aim 14 arrows at a single go

    And we also know he is extremely knowledgeble about the various army formations so he can guide his arrows accordingly.

    I also remember a verse which says ram held his bow in the horizontal way rather than the conventional vertical fashion. The verse also says the demons cannot comprehend how ram is aiming and shooting the arrows within a near zero time gap.

    I know it is possible !!

    Truly Remarkable Feet:
    14000 deadly demons killed by a young prince in 72 minutes

  2. Ram used Mohini astra against the army which made the demons fight among themselves and thus killed each other. Thus 3.2407 demon killed per sec, but not Ram killed 3.2407 demons/sec. For reference search ‘Ramayan Hindi 30-02’ in youtube.

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